Xperience Australia's fastest-growing sport in our custom-designed and built ranges within Twin Waters, Sunshine Coast. 

Spanning through 1 acre of the lush forest we have created a dynamic playing field including a 2 story fort, 8-meter tower, vehicles, and fire pit. 

Come outside and play with us weekly through various styles of gameplay and scenarios such as team deathmatch, defend the fort, capture the flag, mad bomber, ammo dump, predator vs prey and VIP protection. 

Every Wednesday & Saturday 

Wednesday's 5:00pm - 7:00pm


Session 1 3:00pm - 5:00pm
Session 2 5:30 - 7:30pm

Who Can Play? 

Teams, Families, Children & Individuals are all welcome.

How much is it? 

If you have your own equipment: $25 Wednesday 5-8:30, Saturday 3pm-7:30pm - you can start and finish whenever suits you.

You need a hire gun: $75 Choose a session Wednesday 5-8:30pm  or Saturday Session 1: 3-5pm  Session 2: 5:30-7:30pm    
The hire includes gun, magazine and 4.000 rounds of gels which will last you for the whole duration of games. 

Safety glasses are a must. Bring your own or purchase some from us for $5.


Group Discounts (12 or more) & Party Packs are available- Call 0478 202 500 to book  

What is Gel Blasting? 

Basically the legal version of airsoft in Australia. A gel ball gun slots somewhere in between a paintball gun and an airsoft gun. Works similar to paintball but without the pain. They are plastic guns that shoot water-filled gel balls. The sport is encouraging physical activity, outdoor play and teamwork. 


Available NOW! We're pleased to announce our custom blasters are ready for purchase. Unlike any other Gel Blasting Store in Australia, GBX products is field tested on our own range and built tough to last. 

Not satisfied with what you have or looking to get into the game? Don't look any further than GBX Xperiences.