Masterchef Xperience

Master Chef meets the great outdoors!

Add a little ZEST to your team with this very dynamic cook-off challenge. Food plays a big part in all of our lives. It’s not just about nourishing the body – it’s about how food nourishes relationships. Cooking and eating together builds and reinforces bonds between people.


Teaching employees to work as a team through a culinary experience can reinforce basic skills of negotiation, flexibility and adaptability. We use this natural process to build relationships amongst your team but we’re giving it a wilder edge – doing it in the great outdoors.

Please note:  This is an adventure challenge & because of food safety laws etc, this program is not designed to deliver a meal for the group – it’s about the challenge as a whole…Enjoy!


Each group is given a kit bag complete with GPS, maps,  money & clue sheet – then its ready set go!  they set off into the great outdoors to crank up the challenge and get the blood flowing.


This Xperience is designed around your location. Your team must first search and find their ingredients and utensils hidden at various GPS checkpoints in and around the area at each checkpoint they must complete a task. Completing a set of challenges as a team while also building your own fire to cook.  Strategize as a team, does someone in the team need to return to start their fire?  Once you have completed the challenges, the first team to return gets the first choice of the KEY ingredients. 


Your team is judged on presentation, creativity, and taste!!


The most fun you will have with a spatula in your hand!!

It’s a race against time and it’s a challenge for a well presented & best-tasting meal. The team judged to have the most delicious food will be the winner.


Key Outcomes

  1. Collaboration & team co-creation

  2. Strengthens skills of negotiation, flexibility, and adaptability.

  3. Builds creativity, effective communication, and time-pressured focus

  4. Respecting and understanding each other

  5. Sets up teams to work together as one

  6. Respecting and understanding each other

  7. Valuing innovation and change


What you need to know

Group size: 4 - 200 people

Duration: 45mins - 2.5 hrs depending on desired outcomes and needs.

Location: Xperiences HQ or we can come to you!

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