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Paintball encourages teamwork, communication, and tactical strategy. We invite you and your friends to come outside and play!

Our paintball range spans through 1 acre of lush forest in Novotel Twin Waters Resort and is fully equipped with vehicles, forts, towers, and bases.

Xperience our variety of games such as team deathmatch, defend the fort, capture the flag, and shooting gallery.



We base our prices on ammo, not group sizes or time spent playing. 


Prices include all equipment, uniforms, use of the range and facilitation.


$50 - 200 rounds per person. 


$85 - 400 Rounds per person. 


$99 - 500 Rounds per person. 

$110 - 600 Rounds per person.​


Bucks Party

Paintball Buck's Parties are our speciality. Dress the buck up and fire away ;)

There are multiple games to play utilising the vehicles, forts and bases in our range.

Combined it with a BBQ & firepit, your choice of music and will take the photos for you to take home and remember.


Age Restrictions

The minimum age is 15 years for paintball skirmish
(shooting at each other).

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