Waterpole Challenge

Using bamboo poles, ropes, and buckets, teams must move water without spilling any.  This test of maneuvering skills is not as easy as it may seem.  In this challenge, teams need to work together to save water by not spilling any.  Teamwork is the only way to win this challenge.


Key Outcomes

  1. Improves teams ability to work together as one

  2. Teams must assign team members key roles based on strengths

  3. Shows teams how to think effectively under pressure

  4. Respecting and understanding each other

  5. Valuing innovation and change

  6. Improving unity and team spirit

  7. Communicating effectively


What you need to know

Group size: 6 - 200 people

Duration: 25mins - 45 mins

Location: Xperiences HQ Sunshine Coast or we can come to you!


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