The Grid Challenge

Teams will have their memory and cognition capacity tested as they work together on achieving the one true path through The Grid!!

Available onsite as well as mobile, a giant grid is laid out and each team member has to get through this grid by a process of observation, trial and error, and team leadership.


There is only one way out of the grid so to solve this puzzle and great teamwork is required. This team-building activity is designed to be in combination with any of our other team building activities.


Key Outcomes

  1. Enhanced focus as a team

  2. Working together to achieve the desired outcome

  3. Improving problem-solving

  4. Critical observing before acting

  5. Improving decision making

  6. Communicating effectively

Screenshot 2020-02-28 at 16.59.32.png

What you need to know

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Group size: 6 - 200 people

Duration: 30mins - 1hr

Location: Xperiences HQ, Sunshine Coast


Water Raft Challenge


One of our most popular activities in which teams learn how to build a raft (that must float) with the provided materials.


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