"I just wanted to drop you, Ray and the team at C&G Xperiences a quick email to let you know that we had a fantastic time during our aircraft adventure activities at Peppers last Friday! Everyone really got into the spirit of the afternoon and we have received excellent feedback about the programme that you guys ran as well as positive feedback about the involvement of all your staff.

We can’t wait to get a copy of the photos that were taken on the day by your staff so that we can have a good laugh at ourselves all strapped in on the zip lines! Anyway, thanks again!"

Shannon O’Hara, Lawyer  Minter Ellison LawyersMamdouh


"It was a resounding success and rated as the best activity the group had done in the 23 years since it began. How about that… please re-lay our thanks to your team, thanks!"

Kate Sinclair, Snr Child Neurologist Australian & New Zealand Child Neurology


"We had an excellent time with you and your team, our employee’s satisfaction rate was 200%. It was fun, dynamic and improved our team spirit. I laughed so much that I had tears in my eyes and I had sore tummy muscles from it! Thank you for your great work and I am looking forward to working with you and Tony in the near future!"

Tomoni Smith, PA to the CFO Ray White Real Estate



"I just wanted to send you and the rest of the C&G team a HUGE thank you for everything on Saturday at Peppers Hidden Vale. We have received heaps of great feedback from staff and their partners about the range of activities and the professional manner of the whole C&G team. And I know the kids (and parents) were really happy with the special attention on Saturday – maybe there should be a special “kid’s corner” for C&G!!! They had a great time. Thanks again."

Jennifer Smith, Director at RCP



"I thought the course was excellent and well managed. You guys offered a lot of support and kept up on our toes by continually putting new challenges in front of us when we thought we had it nailed. Further to this I was most impressed how you both shared survival skills with us on the walk back after the exercise. The pinnacle for me (that I have shared with most of my mates) was the Yabby Trap you made out of bullrush. Thanks again for an awesome experience. "

Patrick Donohue, Key Account Manager  Castlemaine Perkins Ltd



"Listed below are some statements from cadets and staff:

  • THE BEST CAMP EVER. We learnt things that were exciting and interesting.
  • The trainers were approachable and can work with a variety of skills and experience.
  • Their life history and experience is both interesting and knowledgeable.
  • It provided everyone with life skills that will be beneficial for the future, and everyone enjoyed themselves.
  • The instructors were open minded and didn’t hesitate to help out when someone wasn’t sure.
  • The cadets had no regrets in participating in every activity and we are all looking forward to the next camp.
  • I loved the catapult game and the camp oven lunch."

Katherine Huber, Captain Australian Army Cadets


"I really enjoyed obtaining the pragmatic survival skills, but was also appreciative of the metaphors it reminded of us in our business. For example, the ability to keep the fire available (and portable) using an ember in a lump of dried cow dung placed in a hollow piece of log. In one “Survivor” television series, I recall the huge amount of time spent by a Team just keeping the fire alight (after it took about three hours to get the fire started). In our business, we need to think pragmatically about whether we are “burning” more resources than we need. It also

prompted me to reflect whether we are “anchored” to a single position because we are scared that we may have to go through the arduous process of starting again… when we should be thinking about the equivalent of “an ember and a bit of dried cow dung”.

On the fun side, the catapult and the traverse were fantastic adrenalin rushes. We will all remember the childlike expressions that settled on some of the serious team members during these exercises. The clay pigeon shooting was the most challenging, but was also a new skill for some of the team.

This quote probably sums up the day for me:
Do what you can, with what you’ve got right where you are – Theodore Roosevelt."

Bernie Clark, Manager Suncorp IT Solutions


" I was very pleased with quality of service I received at all stages especially with the planning as Ray came up with a fantastic theme which made the day fun, competitive and different to any other team building day I have ever been involved with. The feedback from our staff was that it was fun, interactive and a unique day. The C&G team was very professional, they had hi-tech equipment, were organized, helpful, very cheerful and approachable. They went above and beyond my expectations by personalizing the day and we were left with some great memories and received some great video footage and photos. Can’t wait to see the other exciting activities they have to offer!"

Alana Ross, EA to CEO