Water Raft ChallengeWater Raft ChallengeWater Raft ChallengeWater Raft Challenge
Water Raft Challenge
Water Raft Challenge
Water Raft Challenge
Water Raft Challenge

Water Raft Challenge

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One of our most popular activities in which teams learn how to build a raft (that must float) with the provided materials; four barrels, six logs, rope and straps. Teams race rafts across the bay completing tasks along the way!


The entire Brisbane Broncos Team managed to build their rafts, and float, we know you can too!

We make it fun for teams as they learn how to tie knots, understand water displacement and work together to make sure they float and not sink before raising their pirate flag and racing to specific destinations completing their tasks as they go.

How many people is this Xperience for?

6 – 200 people in teams.

When can I go?

All-year-round. Outdoors

Can this Xperience come to me?

Yes provided there is access to water.

How long will this Xperience last?

The activity will last minimum 30mins and maximum 90mins depending on desired outcomes.

Type of Xperience
  • Corporate Team Building
  • Bootcamp
  • Kid’s Parties
  • Bucks & Hens
Key Outcomes
  1. Understanding team goals
  2. Building better relationships through building rafts
  3. Improving problem-solving
  4. Respecting and understanding each other
  5. Valuing innovation and change
  6. Improving decision making
  7. Communicating effectively
  8. Valuing the importance of structural integrity
  9. Practising continuous improvement
  10. Resolving conflict
What else do I need to know?
For bookings and enquiries call 1300 973 743