Operation Code Breaker

There is nothing that cannot be done in the outdoors with a GPS, compass, and or a map in your hand. Trekking, mountain biking, an endless amount of interests can be covered and any sort of activities can be designed and carried out, only limited by one’s imagination.


Includes a great mix of activities, cryptic clues, and geocaching activities navigational activities in the outdoors – sure to please even the most skeptical members of your of the team.

This program incorporates an array of activities designed around the beautiful surrounding of the resort or area, aimed to suit your group’s demographics and any team objectives.


Teams search and find hidden clues & various checkpoints. At some of these checkpoints, your team must complete a challenge/activity to win some extra points for their team and move onto the next checkpoint.  Your team will complete these challenges by using the newly acquired skills and equipment and activity brief on each challenge by our facilitators.

The first team back with all the checkpoints and completing all the challenges wins the navigation challenge.  Real-life Survival activities/challenges can be included also, so your team will not only learn something new but have a lot of fun doing it!


Key Outcomes

  1. Strategy and planning

  2. Teamwork and fun

  3. Outdoor Skill Testing

  4. Competitive challenge

  5. Improving unity and team spirit

  6. Communicating effectively


What you need to know

Group size: 4 - 200 people

Duration: 45 mins - 3 hrs depending on desired outcomes and needs.

Location: Xperiences HQ or we can come to you!

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