Air Raft Challenge

The aim of this challenge is to save your teammate who is stranded on a flimsy life raft.  Against perilous odds, teams must keep the life raft afloat. Teams will need a captain to instruct them to successfully achieve this life-saving activity.  No water is involved.


Key Outcomes

  1. Ice breaker & mood changer

  2. Understanding team goals

  3. Building better relationships

  4. Improving problem-solving

  5. Communicating effectively

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What you need to know

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Group size: 6 - 200 people

Duration: 25mins - 35mins

Location: Xperiences HQ Sunshine Coast or we can come to you!

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Water Raft Challenge


One of our most popular activities in which teams learn how to build a raft (that must float) with the provided materials.


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