Laser Skirmish

Call for Price


Using the Battlefield live latest technology the ensure a hit is a hit! These guns are currently being used by the military as some of their training systems. Our open grassed woodland to dense jungle and beach battlefields are truly realistic. You will receive all the gadgets to ensure your mission is a success from GPS navigation, sniper ghille suits, camouflage paint and uniforms and supplies cached around the property. We have sandstone bunkers, Hundreds of tyres for cover, a 25 meter plane fuselage, black water craft for beach assaults and real battlefield noises and sounds blasting from our loud speaker system. This is sure to be a Laser Skirmish session you have never experienced before.

Group Size: for children’s or Xmas parties : min 7 – max 20 per session,

Corporate Challenges: min group size 4 pax- and as part of event, max 250

Duration: 1 hour 30 mins – 2 hours or longer for larger groups
Prices: children’s parties from $35pp, Corporate packages available, prices based on objectives and requirements.