12 Pillars of Wisdom
12 Pillars of Wisdom

Based around the 50 hectares of bushland, Xperiences have placed the 12 Pillars of Wisdom. These pillars are 350kg Sandstone Plinths marked both by GPS and a physical map.

Teams have to find these to unlock their secrets, these can be basically finding them all and clicking with an orientation marker or using the Code Breaker system unlock clues to their next challenge/product/history or conference theme. A great way to get you team active both physically and mentally!

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Giant Human Foosball Team Building Activity
Giant Human Foosball


Giant Foosball Soccer – where you are the Foosmen

All the fun and challenge of the popular table game foosball has now been made into life-size, inflatable, fun activity. Lots of fun to play and watch, this game is very interactive and requires minimal skill, to have fun and is great for corporate events and team-building exercises.

Each participant puts on a waist harness and is connected to a rope to allow left to right movement only which replicates the foosball table game controls. The game is played in an identical fashion to its diminutive cousin, with team work being paramount in order to score a goal against the opposition. This is a great game for those participating and great for spectators! Giant Foosball is suitable for all group sizes, and great addition to any party or function.

Players have to be physically able; however fitness is not a pre-requisite.

Teams will compete head to head with points being accumulated after each game.

Location: require minimum land space approximately size of tennis court, any or parks gardens around the city – we come to you! We have (2) two giant foosball tables available for larger groups. Call us on 1300 973 743 to discuss your needs.

Group Size

30 – 400


Minimum 1 hour – all day


  • Corporate Team Building



Key Outcomes

  1. Understanding team goals
  2. Building better relationships
  3. Respecting and understanding each other
  4. Valuing innovation and change
  5. Improving decision making
  6. Communicating effectively
  7. Valuing work/life balance
  8. Practicing continuous improvement
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Sunshine Coast Paintball at Xperiences in Twin Waters


Exciting things are happening at Xperiences HQ and we now have our very own onsite paintball range!!! If you are looking for an authentic paintball experience with high quality gear, come check out Xperiences HQ.

Set in the lush bush of the Novotel Twin Waters Resort, our paintball range offers unique game opportunities, ranging from close quarter combat to shooting range. Paintball is available for leisure bookings and corporate team building. For bookings call 0478 202 500.

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Segway Xperiences

The latest team building sensation in our range of Segway activities is the
Seglympics!!!  (Segway Olympic Challenges)

The ultimate in friendly competition and world class fun! Your teams can battle it out in the new age Olympic challenge on SEGWAYS. This event is a great test of skill and team work. Completing a variety of obstacle courses and team games, groups will compete against each other in Olympic style events in order to complete the course first and with the least amount discrepancies.

Seglympic games include: skill tests, obstacle courses, baton relays, pizza delivery games, time trails, ball and spoon races, the blind fold challenge. Games can be customised to almost any theme or objectives.


Xperiences has revolutionised the team building and incentives

Taking it to a whole new level in the new millennium!

One the group is confident on these incredible machines, we put together a number of fun, dynamic and slightly challenging activities so the teams get to mingle, working together, communicate, and simiple enjoy the experience of operating the personal transporters.  Waiter’s game, Segway Symphony, Giant Croquet, Segway Obstacle& seglympic challenges are just some of the fun challenges we offer.

Group Size       :           min 6 – 200

Duration          :           1-4 hours

Restrictions     :          Weight –  Min 35 kilos – Max 130 kilos (the whole team can still paticiate in team games)

Key program outcomes: New Xperience – team bonding- fun – competition –  strategy – skills testing- team work

Segway Communication Challenges

Xperiences has revolutionised communication challenges in team building.

Each team member is given some vital information covering, safety, equipment, operations and tactical information about the new X2 Segways and about details about this challenge. Each person must then relay that information to the rest of their team to enable them to  complete this challenge in  a safe and timely manner so their whole team can complete the challenge by out-witting and out-manoeuvring the opposing teams. Each opponent will enjoy this extremely exhilarating personal transport device.

Group Size      :           min 6 – 200

Duration         :           1-4 hours

Restrictions     :          Weight –  Min 35 kilos – Max 130 kilos (the whole team can still paticiate in team games)

Key program outcomes:   Communication – Team Bonding-  Fun – Competition –  Strategy – Skills testing- Team work

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